Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hips, Tulips, Tarts and Pizza

Another night of interesting dinosaur style noises from Penny, though still managed to get enough sleep to cope.

My hip felt a bit better, but of course I still wanted to keep my docs appointment to see what they can do for me. And the verdict was that I need to give it a bit more time, in case it clears up by itself, and take paracetamol in the meantime. And as I feel some improvement, I am happy to see how it goes.

Then to the Ritzy to meet with the lovely and heavily preggie Emma H, who kindly brought me tulips and half a banana and chocolate loaf ... what a treat! She seems to be well prepared, well as prepared as you can be, for the birth.

Then lunch with Mum at the Ritzy, where I had a delicious mushroom and goats cheese tart. After some shopping, back home for a relaxing afternoon, where we were also joined by Theresa and Dad.

Then to Pizza Express for dinner, where Penny was so very well behaved, and then a quiet end of evening at home ... including a relaxing bath for me! Joy :)

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