Thursday, 7 April 2011

Penny - Our Beautiful Daughter

Penny at 36 hours old

Wow, I don't think I have ever had such a long break between posts before! No better reason than to give birth to our gorgeous baby daughter, Penny!

My waters broke on Saturday morning, quite amusing seeing what I said about Charlie having one too many in my last post (he of course came back from the stag do asap). And by Sun eve she was born. It was by no means straightforward (I won't bore you with the details now), though with only gas and air and lavender oil I do have an element of pride in getting through it.

Though it didn't feel much like a choice at the time as it all went so fast, and I now realise that you make your choices when you write the birth plan ... so unless you write EPIDURAL in massive capitals all across it, they are not going to give you one unless it really becomes necessary. And I am totally part of the 'woman's choice' camp ... if someone wants an elective caesarian, I say it her absolute right to request one.

So Penny has already met all her grandparents and many of our friends, and it was great to see them all holding her ... it has been such a celebration!

And she has been so good, always (so far) having a deducible reason for her grizzles. And I even got around 8 hours of sleep last night, by far the most since Fri night. Happy to be interrupted by feeds, as my milk is now properly in and so my breasts are enormous, hot and desperate to be emptied.

And how about Mummy? Mummy is still sore from pushing a whole person out of her, walking like John Wayne and sitting so gingerly. But everything is fixing itself slowly, and will be helped by getting a bit more sleep. And we are enjoying this time so much, with every new expression, new glance, new smile and new poop we are beaming with joy at our new daughter.

So now we are 3 ...

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  1. Hi Emmy!
    Have just started to read your blog again, have just found a way of putting it into the browser to get your news every day.
    You'll be well on the mend by now, hope you three are OK!
    Much love,