Thursday, 14 April 2011

Showing off the Baby

As Penny is feeding much more now, had a couple of long awake sessions whilst feeding her overnight, so was pleased to have a couple of extra hours sleep this morning to catch up. Then did a couple of jobs before heading into town.

Was lovely to bring the baby into Charlie's work, lots of cooing from his colleagues. Then met with Robin and Marion, really nice to spend some time just chatting with them. They are making good progress with their boat which is now much more than a hull, and had been in London on a London walk through the back streets of the City.

Then to Nell of Old Drury to introduce Penny to Charlie's Nomads writing group. Unfortunately the barmaid informed us that Westminster Council does not let any child under 14 years in Westminster pubs, so Penny had a quick visit upstairs before we headed home on the 59 bus.

Some quick visits from Andrew and Norris while we watched the ever fabulous 10 o' Clock Show, and I fell asleep in the lounge, still clearly catching up.

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