Sunday, 5 February 2012

Alameda Flea Market - An Infinity of Treasure!

So, the day started a little slower than we hoped.  C had been up in the night with P, so we decided he needed a little more sleep.  Then, just as we were moving the signs from the waterworks outside so we could get the car out, I noticed that we had a flat tyre!  Gutted ...

So, hastily printed off directions to get us (via L train, BART and Oakland bus 31) to the Alameda Flea Market.

Oh ... my ... god ...!

1 - I have never seen such a big carpark, it took us at least 10 minutes to walk from the carpark entrance to the entrance of the flea market.  And the market itself was enormous, apparently over 800 small stalls from happy individual vendors.

2 - SOOOO many exciting things.  As always when you are in a foreign country, the things most people are used to, are so special and exciting as an interloper.

3 - A panoply of beautiful things.  Exquisite furniture, crazy Americana such as gas pumps (the whole stand and pump),

Very cool to see people walking away with the furniture for an entire lounge on a trolley, taking it back to their car.

And what did we get?  Minus not only a car, but also a container ship and a massive house to keep it all in, we decided not to go crazy (though it was tempting).  So we stuck to a couple of very cool looking old games, a couple of 'Life' magazines, with lots of cool ads inside and the 'E' key from an old American typewriter.

Very tired on the way home, especially as we dashed for the bus and because I was yet again a little sunburnt from the lovely weather (surreal to think that it is snowing in the UK).

A relaxing evening in.  With no tv, did not watch the Superbowl, but did check out a couple of the adverts.  Taking it easy, drinking lots of water to combat the dehydration.

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  1. Have just caught up on the world of incredible delights that you've been having ... man, I wish I'd snuck into Penny's backpack! I'm so glad it's transpiring into such a glorious mix of exploration, teething, writing and scrabble. Keep it up!