Thursday, 2 February 2012

To the Embarcadero!

Was up a lot in the night with Penny.  Still a little off her food, and not keen to be put back down when she wakes at 4am, she seems to be firmly in another (hopefully temporary) phase.  We keep catching her pressing her hand against her top gums, so perhaps the big front teeth coming through is giving her some trauma.  Let's just hope it doesn't last too long, as it is a tiring business!

As it was a lovely sunny day, once I had regained a bit of sleep in the morning, we headed out into town on the L train.  After a quick stop off to drool at the pretty things in the Apple store, I managed to get Charlie to join me in some of the great shops I found the other day.  And success, he bought a new pair of jeans along with 4 new work shirts!

We then decided to walk along Market Street to the Embarcadero, which we reached at sunset, watching the pretty pink clouds rise behind us over the skyscrapers and seeing the ferries ride out to Oakland.

We battled the public transport system on the way home, as not only was it rush hour, but the tunnel over to Sunset was out, so all the trains were cancelled.  So, a couple of challenging bus rides later, we got back.

Very pleased that Penny ate all her dinner, for the first time in a few days, and went happily to bed.

So we indulged in some more 'Half Baked' and sat in front of Family Guy for the evening before Skyping David.

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