Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunshiny Birthday

Awoke at about 7am to see the burning sun just outside our bedroom window ... perfect 32nd birthday weather!

Charlie looked after Penny so I could have a lie in, then popped downstairs to open cards and let Penny play with the envelopes.  So kind of people to send cards, plus various nice online messages.

Justina couldn't bear the idea of us having cereal, and so made biscuits (southern US style biscuits, kind of like English muffins) with mushroom sauce and egg style tofu ... again, so yummy!  Charlie also popped out with David to have a ride on his Ducati motorbike, and I think he really enjoyed the adrenalin.

Then we spent the day driving round in the sunshine, with the boys playing ball in the park, popping into a few shops, seeing where D&J will soon get legally married, then finishing high up at the Oasis to see the burning red sunset.

A great day, finished off by watching a film 'Friends with Benefits' (cheesy but fun) in the hot tub with beer and birthday cake ... oooooh yeeeeeeah!

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