Sunday, 12 February 2012


Penny was lovely in the night, yelling for milk at 7am, then happily sleeping with us till 10 ... yay!

Went for a run around the nearby reservoir, was impressed by the unexpected views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sutro Tower and the white crested waves rolling in from the Pacific.  Made it much easier to keep going :) Not quite like running up to Stockwell tube, then to Clapham North like I am used to ...

Charlie went out to his board game club for the afternoon, so P and I went downtown to check out some of the mainstream shops.

Love love love Anthropologie and Sur la Table.  Very underwhelmed by Macy's, was like a bad John Lewis.

Then over to Oakland on the BART to have Mac 'n Cheese with Keller, Joe and Kristina at Homeroom, along with their friends Steven and Vanessa.  Delicious food and wonderful company, really good to see them all again ... a really lovely evening.

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