Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Glimpse from the Bridge

Once we had gotten our heads around the big Expedia/US Airways/United Airlines debacle that seemed to be our flight to Austin, we finally got out of the house and wandered along the Golden Gate Bridge to say our last good byes to the city of San Francisco.

Such amazing views, we had glorious conversations about the engineering and the art deco, along with more morbid ones about the many people who jump from this bridge every year.  Does the beauty of the bridge add to their depression, or does the fantastic setting actually dissuade lots of people who otherwise were intending to jump, but instead turn back to their cars and go back home?!  Who knows!

We wandered along the coast for a bit, exploring the western edge of the Presidio and gazing out over the ocean.

Spent the remainder of the day finishing off the tidying, eating pizza, and watching more Lord of the Rings.

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