Wednesday, 1 February 2012


After all the admin yesterday and our adventure out into the woods, decided to take it easy today.  Had a fairly productive time, managing to write 3.5k words, listened to lots of music and played lots of Scrabble with Mr Fish.  Satisfyingly, writing now feels more relaxing, almost like reading.  And it is so liberating to know that we are still here for another two weeks before going to TX, so there is no rush to do, well, anything!

P was a bit out of sorts all day, not keen on her meals and generally being a little clingy.  With all these new teeth popping up, I wouldn't be surprised if it is just that, but we will be keeping an eye on her nonetheless.

Fish popped out to the shops with her to get some fresh air, though we did indulge in pizza for dinner along with some more B&J Half Baked ice-cream (we had demolished a pot of their frozen yoghurt Half Baked already).  Delicious!

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