Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Passage of Time

Charlie and I have been compiling our photos albums for 2009, 2010 and 2011, which has involved me trawling through this blog to make sure I hadn't missed anything.  And what a collection of years!

We used to have so much time, busy with work, with seeing people, and doing whatever we pleased.  Then, for me, everything changed when I fell pregnant.  I was blissfully happy to take care of myself, resting at home and preparing for this abstract little person who had set up home in my abdomen and would shortly leap into the world and change our lives forever.

And then Penny came, and 10 months of maternity leave has gone by in a flash.  Making new friends, my lovely NCT girls who have all been so supportive, as I hope I have been to them.  Rejoicing in Penny, so many cuddles, kisses, songs and new experiences.  And taking her to see London, the unique city she was born in and lives in ... the V&A, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, Brockwell Park, British Library, Green Park, Harrods, Natural History Museum etc.

And of course, making sure life stayed as normal as possible.  Still going to Secret Garden Party, C pulling little P across Austria by bike, and where we can, going out for dinner and round to friend's houses.  One of the bits I am so grateful for is that we have been just as welcome as always at our friend's activities, even with Penny in tow.  I love that she is now just part of the entourage, and everybody has been so tolerant of her, loving their Penny cuddles.

And the family has been so much closer too ... seeing my two big brothers go all mushy for this little baby has been touching.  And good to see the whole family more often too, being parents to Penny sometimes feels like being a bodyguard to Madonna ... she is prime property, the coolest thing since Air Jordans!

And so, when we get back to the UK, I will go back to work, and life will then morph again.  This time into a strange mixture of maternity leave and pre-Penny ... working for my paycheck, and hopefully enjoying it as I always did (despite the occasional bit of tension), and also waiting eagerly for that magical smile to greet me when I pick Her Highness up from nursery.

Onto the next phase of life ... with a smile and a wink ;)

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  1. That's the sweetest blog post you've ever written. I love you!