Friday, 3 February 2012

San Francisco Zoo

On such a beautiful day, we just had to get out of the house, so P and I went to San Francisco Zoo.  Not far from our apartment, at the end of the L train by the ocean.  P and I took a little detour to sit on the beach for a minute to admire the great waves that were crashing into the beach, along with the adjoining 'Tsunami Evacuation Route' signs.

It was nice and quiet, and I became a little pink as the sun was so blazy, P was shaded in her pushchair.  was lovely just wondering around, admiring such beautiful animals, and playing with my new camera too.

Favourites were grizzly bears, otters, prairie dogs ... Penny especially liked the prairie dogs, as they were both close and mobile.  She does not see everything at the zoo, as when the giant silverback gorilla is sitting as still as a statue a good 20 metres away, she does not get that he is real.

The bears were so cute.  Apart from the odd playful altercation, as per the below, they were happily bathing, cooling down in their pool, playing with their feet and coming up to the glass to say hello.

Then lugged the pushchair back onto the L train to get home, via a quick grocery shop at the local Safeway.  A good but tiring day.

More zoo photos at my Tumbler page.

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