Friday, 17 February 2012

I Left my Heart in San Francisco

Although very excited about seeing David and Justina in Austin TX, I was very emotional on leaving Pam's in the shuttle bus, and of course leaving San Francisco.  An excellent choice of home for our little adventure, and everything went so smoothly and calmly.

All the emotion drained away at the airport as they said our bag was very overweight and so we had to pay $100 ... eep!  We had expected this, and had almost decided to just pay it, but at the last minute we bought another bag for $30 as we would still be within our 4 bag allocation.

The flight was ok, though Penny flickered between being good as gold (especially with the friendly stewardess, very impressed with United) and being a whingy noise-bucket!

Pleased to arrive, even though we were met with rain, and so great to see David and Justina who are still as bright and sparky as ever.

Justina had made some fabulous tortellini, so we spent the evening tucking into that and a delicious salad. She makes being a vegan look both easy and delicious, I think maybe they must have better vegan ingredients in America!

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