Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Going Home

Said goodbye to David at Austin Bergstrom Airport, having said goodbye to Justina earlier as she had left for Louisiana for work.  P was a bit grumpy on our 40 min flight to Dallas airport, but we were hoping she would get it all out of her system before the big trans-Atlantic flight home.

A very quick transfer at Dallas (duh duuuuuh, duh duuuuh, du duuuuh dennannaaaanaaa etc.) which was helpful as we only had 40 mins to get to our next flight.  Pleased to see that we were put just behind the business seats, giving us lots of space.

Charlie slept a little, P slept a little more than that, and I slept zilch.  A grumbly tummy and general discomfort was enough to keep me awake, so instead I watched a documentary about Pearl Jam.  Very interesting, but would have been better off sleeping.

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