Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Second-Hand SF

For all those who know me, I am a second hand addict.  A great way to get quality clothes, unique items, both at a lower price and in a more sustainable way than the normal high street routes.  And coming to the US is a chance to get my hands on some great bits and pieces that would simply be nabbed or overpriced back home.

So below is just a precis of what I have discovered during my short stay here in San Francisco:

Community Thrift
The store I remembered from my last visit to SF almost 4 years ago, on Valencia Street.  Loads of fun little bits and bobs, or Tchochkes, to delve through.  Clothing is hard to decide on, as there are no changing rooms, but items are priced very reasonably.

Crossroads Trading
My first lucky find on this trip, I ran across the larger of the two stores I went to as it is right by Church Station, where I was getting out on my way to Valencia Street.  Well selected, a wide variety of quite special clothes at both shops.  The other is on Irving and 8th.

I spotted this one on a bus journey to Van Ness (it is at the intersection with Mission), and came back another day to investigate.  Mostly shopped for shirts for Mr Fish, so didn't really get to grips with the ladieswear section.

Thrift Town
Certainly the best organised thrift store I have ever been in, racks and racks of well labelled very organised clothes.  A real treat upstairs, which is full of furniture, frames, vases, anything you might want.

Out of the Closet
Although their standard orange labels were disappointingly close in colour to their $1 only red labels, this was a fun little shop with plenty of rummaging to be done.
I visited the store on Church Street, San Francisco, but they have plenty of locations shown at their website below:

Chloe's Closet
Great second hand kids clothing, divided neatly into age and gender.  Irving and 8th.

Alameda Flea Market
The king of all second hand markets and shops everywhere, this is held monthly on Alameda island over the other side of the bay.  Worth a visit even if only for the spectacle, rather than the bargains (hard to pack in a suitcase.  Especially for furniture and 'Americana'.

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