Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Rain in Texas falls mainly in the Hot Tub

CHUCKING it down with rain, are we really in Texas???  Though David made it all better by cooking yummy choc chip pancakes with raspberries!

Saw various bits and pieces in Austin, from the Farmers Market to Anthropology, to Paper Source.  Lots of fun shops, and we stopped for a rainy lunch in Wholefoods, where they had amazing ice creams (mango & avocado ... mmmmm!) and Charlie and I shared a slow roasted brisket sandwich ... yum!

Got a kind Skype from Theresa, Erika, Demetris and Anna while we waited for Justina in the car, I was totally weirded out that it was already my birthday in the UK ... had not even occurred to me!

More great food from Justina, this time a vegan Thanksgiving dinner (again, totally delicious).  Then we watched the film 'Rio' before bed ... very sweet!

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