Thursday, 18 February 2010

29 years, 364 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes old

It has been a funny week, what with lovely Max, hyperactive and confused Poppy, big birthdays, my Mkt course and pre-Fairtrade Fortnight blitzes.

Me with Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame at their Leicester Square event today to launch their commitment to 100% Fairtrade globally.

So, people have asked me how I feel on turning thirty (in 5 minutes' time!), whether I have made lists which I may have completed in part (or in full), and how I feel about the last decade. And the truth is ...

... I feel very lucky and happy. I have a loving and devoted husband who is truly my best friend, and the company of a beautiful cat (until recently two beautiful cats). I have good friends who are there for me when I am emotionally challenged, who are fun and who help me make the best of myself (and I hope I do the same for them).

My job is hard but entirely inspiring and rewarding, and I push for any opportunity to widen my experience and develop my strengths for the good of my own development and the organisation.

My family are warm and inviting, both my direct and wider family, both of whom I am proud to call my friends as well as my relations.

I am inspired to make the most out of life, and although I get tired and sometimes stressed, I am driven by the buzz of what we can acheive and the excitement of what lies ahead.

So ... how do I feel on turning 30? I feel good.

And I have explained to Charlie that, if it is true that you are as young as the person you are feeling, then it is him who is 30, and I am 29 for 22 more days ...

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