Saturday, 6 February 2010

But what about me?

Is what Poppy seems to say as we move our attention away from her to fawn worridly over Max, who is still not well. We discussed today seeing if we can get him an x-ray as well as a blood test on Monday, to see if he has some kind of obstruction. Poor thing, he is completely uninterested by food and starting to look so awkward and uncomfortable.

Went for a 5km run with Andrew and Alex today, then Charlie joined us for a tourist visit to the Cabinet War Rooms and the Churchill Museum, which is contained within it. It was a very interesting place, and I especially enjoyed the enormous maps that covered the walls, and the various snippets of Churchill info which provided what seemed to provide an objective, rather than two-dimensional, picture of him ... flaws and all.

Met up with Ant for his birthday at Gordon's Wine Bar. But due to the cold, and the excess clotted cream I had consumed when having a cream tea at the cafe at CWR, I wasn't (and am still not) feeling quite the ticket. So spoke quickly to Ant, Ryan and Natalie, and made my excuses.

Have had a lazy evening in with Alex and Andrew, with Alex kindly cooking and Andrew kindly doing the washing up. Given that we rarely watch Saturday night tv, it is actually quite entertaining sometimes. Harry Hill is a little quirky, but sometimes genuinely laugh-out-loud funny.

So, now the Wii sports have come out, and I am snuggling in a corner under a blanket with kittens around me. Cosy, warm, restful, mmmmmmmm ...!

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