Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A little under the weather this morning after I yet again broke my 'two is plenty rule' last night. Will I ever learn?

Met up with Gilly for further Erika Hen plotting ... we are both getting very excited as it all comes together.

Have started reading 'Fragile Things', a short story compilation written by Neil Gaiman which Mink kindly gave me for my birthday. I decided I simply wasn't in the right place at the moment for the decedant and indulgent opulence of Brideshead Revisited. Maybe some other time. Maybe not.

Arrived back home and put the 'Man who Married Himself' poster up. It belongs on our lounge wall, as if it always has and always will be there.

Poppy has turned into a very chatty cat now the dynamic of the household has changed with no Max. She squeaks and chirrups at the slightest thing, one minute longing for strokes, the next eyeing you with suspicion. She is more cuddly, perhaps missing her cuddly bedfellow.

It is March next week, as well as the second weekend of Fairtrade Fortnight. I hope you have all registered your Fairtrade swaps!

Oh, and if anybody would like to see me dressed as a tea lady with my colleagues tomorrow, we are doing a publicity stunt on London Bridge at 8am, and then in Trafalgar Square at 11am. You can't beat a bit of traditional 'making a scene'.

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