Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dresses and Diuretics

Went bridesmaid dress shopping with Erika and Gilly this evening to ensure we have genuinely covered all options for the occassion. After some interesting trials with some contenders, and some pink fairy-like dresses

Was feeling pretty exhausted, as it seems likely I have come down with cystitis again ... oh woe is me! Spent the whole afternoon at work downing water and trying to get my kidneys to go into super-active mode. It is strange how something so specific can make you feel so wiped out.

Anyway, Erika took great care of me, making Fishcakes for dinner. No decision quite yet about the dresses, but I think one is on the way.

Eventually got back home, after getting confused on the buses in my ill state, and went straight to bed.

Will likely work from home tomorrow, so I can further consume countless pints of water and cleanse my system before spending the day at the Fairtrade Strictly Tea Dance in Birmingham on Sat. I can't let Brum down!

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