Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Hat Game Revisited

Had a strange night's sleep. Having dozed between 9pm and 1am yesterday evening, went to bed and was unsurprisingly unable to sleep. So was up till 4am, trying to find ways of dropping off. Wasn't all bad, as I then slept in till 11am, when I went out for a swim with Andrew and Alex.
The Brixton Rec is currently undergoing a refit of the swimming pool changing rooms, so there was much apprehensive and uncomfortable barefoot tiptoeing up and down stairs to get to and from the pool to the changing rooms on the 6th floor (usually on the 2nd floor, where the pool is!) Along with some dodgy pool ettiquette (snails pace swimmers in the slow lane ... slow doesn't mean THAT slow), it put me off swimming till the building work is complete (mid-March).

Andrew and I then went on to the Biometric Reflectopoedia celebration at Mango Landin', with Norris, Liam, Kirsten and Charlie. It was poignant, funny and warm, picking out different years of each other's decade and reflecting on what had happened, and how we felt. Very introspective, and emotionally healthy, I think.

We were later joined by Owen (Ozles, Norris' brother) and his girlfriend Sarah, when we played the Hat Game, which was as fun as ever ... hurrah!

So now I have come back home to get some jobs done before the weekly circuit starts once more. Going to the cinema tomorrow though ... and also taking Max to the vet for his blood test. Fingers crossed for some answers on that front.

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