Thursday, 4 February 2010

Zeal and Zzzzzs

A strange day ... a good day ... a scatty day.

Had a particularly difficult situation with my boss' passport form which I misguidedly volunteered to witness for him. Between dating the document with my own date of birth rather than today's date (thus requiring him to complete a second form, which thank goodness he had), and not being able to write on the back of the photo to certify it as it was too shiny, thus leaving my signature looking like a beleagured scrawl. How embarrassing, but at least it entertained my colleagues.

Went to a sustainability event at PWC this evening where my other boss was on a panel with two very senior sustainability directors. He did very well, and the panel was both compelling and in agreement. Perhaps they did well, perhaps they didn't get too many difficult questions. One of those directors was particularly zealous ... I still can't decide whether he was a bit too much, or whether he was actually inspiring in his zeal.

Either way, afterwards was very pleased to meet up with Charlie, Kirsten and Jon for dinner at Las Iguanas by Waterloo, where (as we are putting Jon up for a few days) Jon's company paid for dinner. Hurrah!

Feeling drained now though, bereft of energy. Sleep ...

... oh, and still no sign of improvement from Max, though once again he didn't hesitate before having a couple of treats. Surely he must be hungry, and that proves he is well enough to eat. I just don't get it.

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