Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Special "We're Having our Boiler Replaced/The Cat is Still Sick'' Extra Update

So, the house is pretty cold. So I am looking after the kittens by getting Hot Water Bottle Eeyore to give them some warmth.

Max is really looking unwell now, drawn and slow. Today I took him some water in bed, and three times he lapped it up. Still zero interest in food. It is so sad to see him just fade away. We have not lost hope, but I can't see what can reverse what is now almost 2 weeks of not eating. He is weak and strained, and is so still when he sleeps that it is hard to remember the meowy, playful, indulgent big cat he was until only recently.
One treasure of a find today was the kitchen wallpaper from times past that was still visible behind the small radiator by the fridge. A ray of optimism ...

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