Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Rest and Valentine Smiles

A lazy morning, recovering from yesterday in the pub. Erika and Dan came round for lunch so Erika could give Max some Reiki. Also, Dan brought round the remainder of the delicious sweet potato and chorizo soup we had yesterday.

Max responded well to the Reiki, seeming more alert at times, and more content. And he is peaceful in himself, though his movements and behaviour are awkward and slow.

Charlie has gone out to write lots of words, and I am intending to catch up on all the jobs I neglected during my busy week last week. So, the house will be cleaned, emails will be caught up on, and if I get through a decent amount, I might also make some time for writing, especially after my inspiring Valentine's card from Fish. He mocked up a scene from my book with Photoshop ... bless! I got him a lottery scratchcard and a Kinder Egg. We have never been particularly serious about Valentine's Day but it is nice to have some fun with it.

Brixton was alive with love though, with queues at the flower stall outside the Tube, which had heart shaped helium balloons floating around it. Also there was a man on a bike clutching a bunch of roses as he swung round the corner

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