Saturday, 13 February 2010

And ... relax

What a week! With a cold house, new boiler, new course, sick cat, and all sorts of other crazy stuff going on, thank goodness we have a relaxing weekend planned. It started off with a good lie in this morning, and I did arrange to go for a run with Alex at 11 so I have to be quick now.

Max is very weak now. He barely moves, and every now and again when he tries to meow, sometimes no noise comes out, just a breathy intention. He is still drinking water occassionally, but no food at all now, even turns his head away from treats. I think stress is unlikely, and more probably his kidneys are failing. We have seen other cats go this way before, and the only thing we can do is make sure he is as comfortable as possible, and if he gets to a point where he is not purring anymore, then we have to think about what is best for Max.

He is so much lighter now, but still the same beautiful pink-nosed monster cat he ever was.

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