Monday, 8 February 2010

Taking the P**s

Excuse the language, but this is the next task in Operation Fix Max. We have been given special kitty litter which does not absorb his whizz, so that when he has to go for a tinkle, we can extract it from the tray with a precise dropper, and fill a small vial so it can be tested for any kidney problems. He didn't need sedating for his blood test today, which was a relief as he is now very weak, and his heart is not strong, so there would be a distinct possibility he would not have come to.

On a lighter note, I met Richard E. Grant today! And not through my husband's exciting writing connections, but instead at a film premiere I was invited to for 'Food Inc.' at the Curzon, Mayfair. I couldn't not go up to him and say hello, and although we were both a little embarrassed, he said what a great story 'The Man Who Married Himself' was, and then he said "Oh, and there's that thing on the 23rd?" and I said "Yes, I'll see you there!" How exciting! My Comms Director was reasonably amused at my nerves, but I was pleased I said hi.

The film itself was very clear, a tale of how the US food industry has become a production line from beginning to end, and hypnotises consumers with labels showing green fields, when the reality is cooped, diseased, unhealthy conditions for farmers, workers and animals.

Sometimes I think it is inevitable that I will turn vegetarian, and that it is just a matter of when. We don't eat very much meat anyway. But it is more than that. It is taking responsibility for every morsel that you put in your shopping basket, every purchase is a vote for either tacit consent to these big companies and the huge traders who hide from public view ... or a vote for change through producer empowerment (Fairtrade), better farm practices (Organic) or nutrition (a carrot).

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