Friday, 5 February 2010

A Standard Friday Night ...

... spent in the pub! After a long but good day at work (if a little tense at times) went to the Hoop and Grapes near Aldgate with Jon, along with various Foundation people. Jon and Dan bonded over discussing data, I was a bit lost, but it all seemed to make sense. I guess if you are talking medical tissue or food products, a system is a system ... you just have to adjust to the genre in question.

Met up with Charlie at The Hive. He had his fortnightly day off today, and had written many words. Hence we indulged in dinner and drinks, and were joined by Andrew, Erika and Alex.

Plans to run tomorrow ... after almost 30 years of having known each other, I still have not run with Andrew, so we will see if tomorrow is the first day. Then possibly to the Cabinet War Rooms for investigation, before joining Ant's birthday timetable at the National Gallery (2), Gordons Wine Bar (4), Wagamamas (6) and Chandos (8). Well, we may opt out of certain bits ...

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