Tuesday, 16 February 2010

#If I were a Rich Vet ... #

Have been distracted again today, there is a lot going on at the moment. What with cats, boilers and Fairtrade Fortnight!

So, the latest on Max ...

... but first mild apologies, because I didn't intend for this blog to turn into Animal Hospital, but as you can imagine, the health of this beautiful cat is rather pressing on my mind at the moment ...

... he went in for an X-Ray at the vet today to see what is going on inside his middle. For one blessed moment we thought it might just be extreme constipation, but they have found some internal bleeding. Caused by either a trauma (unlikely, as he is an indoor cat) or by cancer, he has a tummy full of blood.

So this evening he is in kitty hospital and they are draining it all out and giving him a transfusion to keep him going. And tomorrow we will get the verdict on whether the cancer (presuming it is that) is operable or not. The vet is apparently called Roger, and sounds very nice (according to Charlie), and we will be getting regular updates (I should expect so, given the arm and a leg we will be contributing towards his pay cheque).
It makes me uncomfortable to think that I might have seen him for the last time this morning, as I reassured him that the bus would be coming any minute now, but we have discussed it at great length, and if there is a good chance of fixing him, we have a duty to go for it. Roger at the kitty hospital has given him 50:50, so we are all systems go.
Our vet also said something interesting today, in that he would age Max at nearer 16 than 11, the age that Battersea gave him. So perhaps he is a proper old boy cat after all. Will get the rocking chair, pipe and slippers ready in case he does come back home.

Just for your interest, as it is the week of my 30th birthday, below is the Johnson Hospital in Spalding where I was born on 19th February 1980, provided courtesey of another nice Roger (the Dad sort).

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