Saturday, 13 February 2010

Battersea Cattersea

Have spent a lovely day with Erika and Dan, first with them cooking lunch for Charlie, me, Robin, Marion and Jane, and then the four of us went to the pub ... for a little longer than we intended!

And now, after an indulgent day of food and drinks we have come home, to find Max ... weak and still ... just lying on the bed. He had some water that we offered him, and is now again just lying down, looking fragile and absent minded. The Internet has taught us a lot. That it is probably his kidneys, and that he is probably not in pain, just feeling like he has a hangover (how do people know this?!?!). He is still purring, and he still clearly enjoys being stroked, so there is still some time left. But when it gets much further down the line (which may take weeks), we will have to show our love for him by taking the pain away.

And it makes me so sad.

We talked at lunch today about the Richard Dimbleby lecture recently given by Sir Terry Pratchett about assisted dying for the terminally ill. Why are we so comfortable, even under social pressure, to ensure our pets do not suffer when they are insolvably sick, yet we are not permitted to help the people in our lives in the same way? I mean, the people we love are not permitted the same respect and dignity we allow our pets? Another symptom of the topsy-turvy world we live in.

So, we will see how Max goes. I can only think it is going one way. But for now he purrs, and smiles, is warm and expressive and lying at the end of the bed.

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