Friday, 10 June 2011

America and Eritrea

A fruitless visit to the US embassy, as it turned out Charlie needed to have spent 2+ years in the US over the age of 14 for Penny to have a right to a US passport. Oh well, didn't bother us very much, and Charlie managed to make the visit worthwhile by picking up his Social Security number.

Stayed in town to have a relaxing brunch just off Piccadilly, and battled the thunder and rain to get back to the tube which was all bunged up with people who couldn't bear to go outside in the wet.

Relaxed at home until 6:30 when we met up with Alex and his parents, Malcolm and Margaret, at the Asmara in Brixton for an Eritrean meal. Andrew joined us a bit late, was a fun and spicy evening. Then Andrew joined us back at ours for an ice-cream Mars and a few Glee episodes before I fell asleep in the armchair.

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