Saturday, 18 June 2011

Being Three

Decided to take it a bit easy in the morning, therefore intending to maybe be a little late to Matilda's 3rd birthday party in Surrey. Jumped in the car club car without a care in the world, embarking on what ended up being a 2.5 hour journey down there ... very late!

But once the baby was fed and changed, she had slept all the way bless her, we had a wonderful time. We were passing the babies round, admiring Mattie's new fairy outfit and, in Charlie's case, springing around on the wet bouncy castle. The weather couldn't decide what it was doing, once minute torrents, next minute beaming sunshine. All in all a lovely afternoon, great to be outside, and great to be fed so much cake!

Headed back via Ikea to have a look around, and managed to come away with only a set of new glasses and some serviettes ... not bad! Also had a bit of a better idea about cots and kitchens.

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