Saturday, 25 June 2011

Oxford Cream Teas

Just managed to get to Paddington and plough through the annoyingly slow ticket machine queue to catch the 11:50 to get to Oxford. Despite a little 'wee-wee incident' on the train, all went fine and was very happy to see Jane at the station.

We met some new parent friends of hers for a leisurely lunch, and then walked round the meadow near Corpus Christi. SO much like the countryside, but right in the middle of the city. Kind of like the college is saying, 'we are so rich we are just going to hold this land and do nothing with it, just the spite you all'! We stopped for tea and cake in a cafe, which was a bit hot so Penny got a bit grumpy, but was fair enough really.

Headed off about 6:30pm, and was very hot and sweaty by the time we got home. Totally worth it for such a good catch up with Jane though!

We were joined by Andrew for pizza, and we went upstairs for a quick beer with the new residents of Patrick's flat, as they were having a housewarming. He really did do wonders with the place, though it is slightly sterile, as all rental flats are/should be. The three new tenants seem very nice though, jolly good!

Back downstairs for some Glee before bed. Indulgent!

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