Monday, 27 June 2011

Too Freaking Hot!

As I write this, my face is radiating a toasty pink glow. Fortunately I was smart enough to totally cover Penny so, although it has been a hot and trying day, it is only me who got a bit burnt and not her ... phew!

Anyway, happily went out in the sunshine to pootle round Brixton before heading to north Camberwell and Burgess Park to join the NCT ladies in the sensory room there. The bus was excruciatingly hot, so when Penny started to scream I decided to feed her to try and hydrate her a bit more.

Then out into the Sahara, sorry ... Burgess Park, to find this needle in a haystack. Fortunately Sophie called me just as I was about to pass the place. Once in, the babies had a lovely time staring at a large pretty coloured bubble tube, but then quickly got hot and grouchy. Had a very chilled out lunch together before trudging back out in the sun to get home.

And Penny spent the whole afternoon pretty unhappy, stripped down to her nappy and trying to explain to me that she was hot and please could I turn the temperature down a bit please ... no really, it is quite uncomfortable ... no REALLY, why aren't you listening to me Mummy? Why won't you fix it?!!!?! Waaaaah!

So, spray bottle and damp flannel at the ready, she finally fell asleep in the early evening which was a blessed relief for us both.

Uncle Andrew popped in before bath and bedtime and so, given Charlie is out, I can now have a bit of peace before another day begins. Hopefully a cooler day :)

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