Sunday, 5 June 2011

Catching Up on Sleep

Couldn't get back to sleep after the excitement of Fishy's return in the night, so woke blearily in the morning. He was pretty spritely, having slept on the flight and with the benefit of being 3 hours ahead.

Skipped out while he was helping Penny exercise her lungs, otherwise known as having a bath!

Another blissful swim!

Then rejoined the clean offspring and prodigal husband at the Hive for brunch with Alex and Andrew again. Talked Bike Trip, which is now coming together, and popped into Sainsbury's.

Then Charlie whisked Penny off to Kirstens to have a quick peruse of the D&D situation, while I drew some butterflies and had a well needed nap. Then we spent the evening putting up the new nursery decal, which has a fun outlook on reproduction.

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