Thursday, 16 June 2011

Chilli Success

Went to see the health visitor in the rain, all very straightforward. Penny now weighs 12lbs 7oz, she is doing so well!

Hid from the rain back at home, then went for a wander round Brixton.

Had a delicious dinner of chilli con carne at Erika and Dan's, where they were hosting Sam. As we waited for the guys, Sam and Erika were both fantastic with Penny. They put so much energy into entertaining her and lulling her to sleep, it was nice to take a backseat for a short while.

And the most important news of the day? Charlie interviewed for, was offered and accepted a permanent role at TFL. After 13 months of being pushed from pillar to post, there is now some stability on the horizon ... am so proud!

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