Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Day In

Visited by Yaya Theresa, who is in the UK between her many epic trips. Good to have a relaxed lunch with her, she is very cute with Penny. Then instead of being super-productive like yesterday, managed to fall asleep with Penny which was lovely but made the whole afternoon disappear.

So then went into the city for dinner at Thai Silk with Ruth, who is in London doing some research, Erika, Charlie and Andrew also joined us briefly. Very good food, I have not had Thai in a long time, and nice to have a little drinkie. And although we did it all a bit later than usual, bedtime still worked.

Also, Penny is much stronger now and pulls herself to the side of her crib, thus banging her head in the process ... bless the silly little munchkin. So, every now and then in the night, I hear a little whimper and I need to adjust her position for her to fall back to sleep. Need to get a couple of cot books to cover up the bars so she doesn't hold on quite so tightly.

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