Saturday, 11 June 2011

Guildford Ahoy

Tried to catch up on sleep in the morning, not helped by some strange dreams about househunting and finding it hard to drop back off to sleep again after changing/feeding Penny.

Then watched a fascinating programme on IPlayer about the beginnings of Hollywood.

Off to Guildford to hang out with James and Clare F for the rest of the day. Went round to their house to play a cunning new version of Trivial Pursuit where you can bet on whether your fellow players will answer questions right or wrong, thus helping your own chances.

Had dinner at a lovely French place, apparently a chain, called Cote Bistro. Penny was being a little grumpy at the end, as she has been all week really, so Charlie kindly took her out for a quick walk while we finished off what was a delicious meal. Steak Tartare followed by Chocolate Fondant ... yum!

Then we all went for a walk round the castle while the sun set around us. The whole day did manage to rekindle my love for Guildford a little, with hills and facilities and countryside all wrapped up in one place.

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