Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Heighbournood Watch

Exhausted this morning as simply couldn't get to sleep last night.

But got up at 8 anyway, and had a semi-productive morning receiving Penny's passport, making cards with beautiful butterflies on, getting Fish's suit to the dry cleaners and sorting out the house.

Then had a wander out in Brixton, visiting Traid for their £2 sale, getting some photos printed and picking up some food amongst other things.

Then back home to book some fish for dinner, before heading off with Fish to the Neighbourhood Watch meeting. Held in a neighbour of ours' beautiful garden/house, we covered roads, violence, break ins, building works ... the whole lot. Penny was very good so we stayed for the lions share of the meeting, so we had a good bit of Pimms and nibbles too.

Then back home, where Andrew dropped in on us during bath and bedtime.

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