Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bumble Bee Busy Saturday

Met Alex and Andrew for brunch at the Hive. Good to catch up, and to talk south London property as Alex is now flat hunting.

Then quickly home before heading out again to the Miro exhibition to celebrate Natalie's 30th birthday. Underestimated how far away the Tate is from Waterloo (why oh why did I not go to London Bridge?), so was hot and feeling a bit late when I arrived, especially from more horrible sneezing. Fun to pootle round the exhibition with Penny, running into Norris, Nat, Keating, Kirsten and Steve as we all were remarking, interpreting and pondering about what we saw.

Had a lovely sit and chat outside the Tate before they all went off for the birthday dinner, which I declined as large groups and dinner can be hard with the baby. Instead, we dashed into the house, picked up our Greg masks, loud shirt & babygrow, and met some people at the Trinity before heading round to the Duke of Edinburgh to gently (and briefly, in our case) celebrate Greg's 'stag don't'.

The beer garden was packed, though spacious and pleasant. Was good to have a little drink and chat with the stags, especially as I believe it was both Penny and my first stag do (or 'stag don't'). Penny was a bit grimbly after such a busy day, needing a few feeds in a row, maybe due to dehydration from the heat. Possibly went home a bit later than I should have, as the group went inside and it got busy and loud pretty quickly, but all was well as soon as we got out of the pub.

Finished off the night with toasted muffins, tea and Glee with Andrew back at ours.

Well, I say finished off ... at 3am (Sun) I burst with joy when I woke up and realised Fishy was home. He had a fab time in Israel, and it is so good he is back!

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