Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pincushion Penny

Waited 40 minutes for a pleasant nurse to jab Penny this morning, it is frustrating that they are usually running late. And not just late, but without apology for being late. Sigh! So we had the usual red face and big tears, though a big feed made sure that Penny recovered quickly. Though she has boosters next week so she had better brace herself!

Then to Erika for a soup lunch, lots of chatting and tea with some beautiful cream & jam scones from Sainsbury's. Good to see her, and good to have a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Finally got round to switching Penny's clothes over from the 1-3 month bundle to the 3-6 month bundle, kind of fun that she gets a new wardrobe all of a sudden. The pile of vests is enormous, thanks to gifts and the big pile of stuff from Elle, Matt and Eva.

Then a swim before bedtime ... freedom!

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