Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Back to Work II

Penny slept/was quiet for 7 hours consecutively last night! Was blissful, though led to a bit of leakage given that the milk supply was geared up for a middle of the night feed.

Then slept until about 10 mins before my docs appointment, oops! Dashed into the shower and hastily managed Penny before running out of the house. Was not too late, and good thing too as the doc was very nice and reassured me that all is ok.

Then off to work to visit my colleagues and catch up with Sam. Good to be reminded of the complexity of working life to let me reindulge myself in the very different challenges and opportunities of maternity leave.

Had some great fun playing with Penny in our new door baby bouncer, so cute! I am sure pics/video will be along shortly. She seems so much more grown up all of a sudden, she has wisdom in her eyes and a cheeky grin in her smile.

Then a quick swim when Fish came home, and when I returned he went off to spend the evening with the NCT guys which sounded like it went well.

Fleeting visits from Andrew and Norris, great to see people still drop in despite the baby.

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