Monday, 13 June 2011

Old MacDonald had a Farm

Another bleary morning, possibly because Penny managed to wake me in the middle of 2 vivid dreams ... one about a former colleague of mine who was wearing strange glasses that had super powers, and another where I was driving a car but couldn't manage to control it. Whatever could it mean?!

Trawled through my emails and to do list to try and feel a bit more on top of things before meeting the NCT ladies for tea and cake in Streatham. It is good that we have such a positive vibe in our group of 6 mums and 6 babies. We come up against similar and different challenges, but everybody is open minded and happy to give their well balanced view.

Penny had been grumpy, but she brightened up on the bus back to Brixton, and was very entertained by my rendition of Old Macdonald had a farm ... what noise do rabbits make?!

Back to do a bit of shopping before an evening of sorting out with Fish, and some peace and quiet after bedtime which was well spent watching the last episode of the Glee season ... sniffle!

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