Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pummelling and Point-scoring

Still feeling a bit behind on my sleep, but duly got up at 10 in time to see a man about a quote for the renovations we want to do on our flat ... and he didn't turn up. To be fair, he did text and reschedule at about 12, but a bit annoying all the same.

So karma did me a favour. When I called the IMBS Mummy & Baby clinic to book in a massage, they had a spot free this afternoon, which I took them up on. What with carrying Penny in the Baby Bjorn, breastfeeding and doing breaststroke when I swim, I think my back is strong but tense at the moment. Was a lovely massage, despite some grimbling from Penny who was in a travel bassinette. Amusingly and annoyingly, she fell asleep when the massage was finished ... maybe she just missed me.

We wandered round Balham for a while, always good for charity shop browsing and posh grocery shopping in Waitrose.

Back home, Charlie and I decided to go out for dinner at the hive. He has kindly been reading the first draft of my book and wanted to give some proper commentary. However when we got to the hive, we found Andrew there catching up on his emails. We had also invited Mink to join us as she was at a loose end. So instead it was an unexpected social evening, and we threw in a game of Dixit (which I won) for good measure. Yay!

Book feedback delayed to another time, but for a very good cause.

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