Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunny Sunday Smiles

Up for a swim at 11:30 with Andrew, Alex and Norris, then to the Hive where we were joined by Charlie, Penny and Liam for brunch.

Had half a game of Dixit with Charlie and Alex, before Nathan and Caroline came along. Great to see them and to catch up.

Had a bit of a tummy ache all day, but much improved by a long bath whilst watching Mumford & Sons at Glasto.

Then we decided to exercise the pram and take a family stroll in Brockwell Park. The sun was still bright, but the evening was cooler than the afternoon and so it was lovely to join the masses who filled the park - guitar players, tennis players, picnicers, dog walkers and many others. Good to stretch our legs and enjoy the glorious weather.

Finished the day off with Beyonce's powerhouse of a set at Glasto ... Tina Turner, eat your heart out!

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