Thursday, 14 January 2010

Back to Back

So, only 9 days back at work, and already I am booking myself back to back meetings, due to the incessant sense of urgency I seem to introduce to every little thing. It was a good day though, ending up in the Crutched Friar for Hannah's leaving do. She is only going for 6 months for a secondment to the Africa Fairtrade Network in Nairobi, but I will miss her both professionally and personally. She seems to think in a similar way to me, and there is always some solace in talking to someone whose brain clicks in the same way as your own.

Charlie has gone to the cinema ... perhaps I can run a book with myself, Poppy, Max (our cats), Salvator and Cornthwaite (our bears) as to what he went to see. Aww shucks, none of them seem to have any money on them! Oh well, my 50p is on 'The Road', which he knew I didn't want to see.

I am tired though. Already ... it is only the 14th Jan ... there is a whole year to go ... yikes!

Spoke to Mum and Dad on my way home, they sound good. They are going to my Great Aunt Isobel's funeral next Tuesday though. Sad, but I don't feel that I knew her at all. Though Mum was close to all her aunts, so I am sad for her more than anything.

Looking forward to a weekend up in Brum with Miranda, Jess and Ruth, meeting Miranda's intended, visiting old haunts and generally indulging in food and drink most heartily!

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