Sunday, 24 January 2010

Here Comes the Bride(smaid)

Had a fun afternoon trying on many many dresses with Erika and Gilly, to see if we could find something. We went to the Westfield Shopping Centre, the collosal new shopping mall in west London. Gilly lives just opposite it, and it has one of every chain shop under the sun (therefore probably two Starbucks').

Honestly, that girl is the only person who can get me trying on dresses, after getting me in the shops trying on wedding dresses for my wedding, to today ... when I swear we tried on at least 15 dresses each. It goes to show that it is not just about the size, but the colour, style, fabric, so many details. I don't know how people shop online without the 3D experience that is trying things on.

And there were some contenders. Some really good ones ... how exciting!

And last night was fun, though despite my sound logical reasoning, I chose the wrong person as the murderer ... consarnit! AND I had thought about it properly. Maybe my brain was addled by the cheese and delicious food. I was quietly very pleased with how my baked cheesecake with blackberry compote turned out. Indulgent but not too rich, I will make it again!

Some house jobs to get through tonight, before the start of another week. The last week of January in fact. Already the new decade is tearing past like a Harrier jet!

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