Monday, 25 January 2010

What is your QI?

Poppy, with Cornthwaite and Salvator, wearing the hats Charlie and Kirsten made at Mink's birthday party yesterday. She looks a bit sad and left out not to have her own hat.

Trying out doing little and often to keep the house clean and the chores under control. Is it working? Sort of. The thing is, if you are only doing a little bit, the voice in your head says that you can pretend that you have done it, whilst actually spending the evening watching QI and stroking kittens.

I might be a bit addicted to QI. I blame that new tv channel Dave, who pump it into my living room, constantly filling my head with itty bits of pub quiz fodder, cosily delivered by Stephen Fry. What a formula!

Kirsten stayed over last night after she and Charlie were done at Minky's party. Was good to see her, though I had totally forgotten she was staying, and so slightly undercatered ... my most hated predicament. No matter, much healthier for us all to have a larger share of cous cous, sweetcorn and butter beans.

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