Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Basking Emmy

Ahhhh ... the temptation to stay up extra late on the verge of a lazy day off is almost irresistable, and yet my little eyes do feel like closing.

Plans are coming into place for the rest of the year. Turning 30, weddings, holidays, so much to plan, so much to do!
Looking forward to indulgent V&A visit, writing, Balham charity shopping, haircut and hot stone massage tomorrow. Still keeping up with the new household routine, really helpful for keeping my mind on top of things.
Have taken to eating lots of fruit at work, keeping it on my desk so any hunger pangs are addressed not with a cavewoman-like search for Fairtrade chocolate, but instead by eating a nice apple, clementine or plum. How wholesome!
So, will hopefully be reporting an excessive state of transcendence tomorrow ... watch this space!


  1. This blog is growing fast! I enjoy reading it very much :)