Saturday, 30 January 2010

Shiny places

What a glorious Saturday! Woke up mildly hungover, with a text from Alex saying that snow on the ground made our running plans void ... no arguments from me! We moseyed on down to Old Street to have brunch in Hoxton with Miranda, Nigel and Dave Williams, Miranda's friend from uni who I also co-incidentally was in the 6th Form with in Spalding.

All very lazy and relaxed, so Fish and I jumped on a bus to Hatton Garden to look at all the magnificent jewellery shops. I used to work near there, between Chancery Lane and Farringdon, so I know the area reasonably well. I have been concerned for a while that my wedding ring is both faded and is extremely small (very, very hard to get off, no room for any significant finger weight gain). Charlie's is also faded, but as his is more of an 'action ring', he does not mind in the slightest. For me, it is a little odd having non-matching rings, so we decided (a very kind gesture from the Fish really), that we should buy a new one ... one a little more unique that will stand the test of time a little better. And we found one! It is beautiful, being resized at the moment. I can have something engraved on the inside, but there is apparently only room for 6 characters. So I have to put my thinking cap on ...!
Spent the rest of the afternoon in the Black Friar pub, an exquisitely decorated 'old school' pub opposite the building site of Blackfriars Station. With portly monks and delicate lettering over every wall, and the arched ceiling smattered with golden mosaics, it was as impressive as Charlie-Fish had led me to believe.
Got some small amount of writing done, then home for a lazy evening with Andrew, Alex and Erika T playing Mario Kart and Erika T's new deck of Africa Mapominoes!

Off to Brighton tomorrow ... looking forward to seeing T, D, E and D!

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