Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Zen and the Art of Taking a Day Off!

Ommm ...

... yes indeed, I have extremely neat hair and a relaxed body, fresh from being pummelled by hot stones (are we humans strange!). Though I do have a nagging headache that I am hoping a big glass of water and an aspirin can fix.

What a great relaxing day, getting up at my leisure, and wandering round Balham, which once again astounded me with the rich pickings from its charity shops.

Unfortunately Jane has just called to say that her grandfather has taken very ill, so she is going to see him this weekend. She sounded so disappointed, not surprisingly considering she had filled the 5 hours I was going to be in Oxford on Saturday with all sorts of splendours. Must make sure we reschedule it though, poor Jane.

So, an evening of jobs, writing and relaxing, then back to work tomorrow.

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