Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tower Bridge Sketches

Met up with Fish for dinner this evening at an Italian restaurant off Shad Thames overlooking the river called Cantina del Ponte. It was half a reward for all the housework we have done in the last few weeks (which is of course partly its own reward, but that is more boring), but also to use up the Top Table points we have accumulated.

Either way we had a good meal, to start with a light Italian Sausage with Lentils for me and Game Terrine for Fish, with both of us choosing the cosy winter comfort of Pumpkin Fusilli as a main course. Along with sharing a yummy and very sweet Panecotta Bread & Butter Pudding for desert, it was a nice indulgence, but not so outstanding that we would go back there.

I was, unsurprisingly, late as I scampered across Tower Bridge in the cold and the dark towards Butlers Wharf. Even though I was rushing, it was still a great opportunity to stare at the wonderful structure which looks almost fake, or drawn on. Maybe a hologram, projected from the funny headlamp shaped GLA building. Maybe the next time I am on it I will see it flickering ... if I look closely. It is so pretty, especially with its brilliant turquoise blue highlights. This, as well as a fun, creative and chatty meal with Fish, helped me to get over the slightly trying day at work I had.

We wandered back to London Bridge tube, staring up at the walkways that hang above Shad Thames, meandering along the southbank reading the snippets of history dotted around and enjoying the wintery view of the cold, dark river.

Somewhat enjoying the warming winter soup I made on Sunday for lunch this week, though I may switch to the slightly easier Charlie Fish Lunchtime Cereal Plan once the soup is gone. I simply don't think I can be bothered to make soup and take it in every day. Besides, a high fibre cereal and lots of fruit must be better for me than soup, especially when I insist in filling the soup recipe with cream and cheese!

We are having an Away Day at Whitechapel Gallery tomorrow. Deep breaths, and best tolerant hat on. Think patience ... collaboration ... calm ... clear blue oceans ...

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